Archive for June 19th, 2008

I've got a new post at the new blog… but I'm not super-comfortable cross posting this one. So if you haven't emailed me for the new URL yet… now's the time, or check the Thursday, June 12 edition of the Lost and Found, if you know where to find that.

Remember, there's no special criteria, application, or prerequisites for getting my new blog URL. I just don't want to post a direct link here at this time. So all you have to do is email a quick one-liner asking for the URL and it's yours. Of course, you're welcome to also tell me more about yourself, as many have done… I love to hear about who you are or how you found me, or what your story is and why you're interested in li'l ol' me. But a one-liner will also do, if you're too shy to tell me more. I've gotten about 150 emails asking for the URL, and I've responded to all of them. If you haven't received a response from me, then it probably got bounced back to me. If you have an MSN account… for some reason, they're bouncing back to me, so try emailing me from a different account!

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