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This evening, my husband went to shul to say Kaddish (the mourner’s prayer) for his father at Mincha (the afternoon prayer service, which must be said before Sundown).  At Ma’ariv (the evening service, which follows Mincha), Seth was no longer obligated to say Kaddish (though he’ll still say it on the yarzheit, of course).  Eleven months have passed since his father died last summer.  Eleven months ago I was about to go on full bed rest trying to keep contractions at bay, trying to keep my shortening cervix from giving out.  Eleven months ago I wasn’t sure whether all three of my babies would make it into the world, let alone healthy and thriving.  Eleven months ago, we didn’t know that my father in law would never meet his grandchildren.  Eleven months ago I didn’t realize how quickly time would pass. 

A month later, I was in the hospital afraid I was in labor all too soon.  Later that day, I was getting my terbutaline pump set up, and I was helping my husband register the news that his father had died.  It was one of the worst days of our lives, but thankfully, those babies stayed inside that day, and many days after. 

Eleven months my husband has been saying Kaddish. It’s hard to believe. 

Meanwhile, Trilcat inspired me today, though I’m not sure whether she intended to.  But she made me realize today that my I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the simple act of making Shabbos dinner, and it’s been intimidating me more than it should.  So tomorrow, in honor of the fact that my husband is no longer saying Kaddish, we are having guests for Shabbos dinner.  And tonight I made baked gefilte fish,  chicken, broccoli kugel, and sauteed summer squash.  Tomorrow I’ll make rice and salad and it will be a lovely Shabbos meal.  Maybe not *quite* up to my former standard, but you know?  I didn’t used to be the mother of triplets plus one, so sometimes our standards have to evolve, right? 

Time passes and life moves on.  Eleven months ago I had no idea how happy I could be today.  I had no idea how full my life would be and how capable I would feel.

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Guess who slept through the night last night?

No, seriously.  Guess!

Are you guessing?  Or are you being lazy and just scrolling?

Okay, I won’t keep you guessing…


Nope, I’m not counting on this being a trend or anything.  But this IS the eighth day in a row that Sam has slept through the night, and about the fifth month in  a row that Ellie has slept through the night.  So I’d say it’s a trend at least for Ellie.  And hooray for little Abigail!  (Even though I would have liked for her to, you know, eat a little bit, since she only ate about 450 calories yesterday… but that’s okay)

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