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The skeptic in me says it’s too good to be true.  Last night, before stories and bed, I reminded the J-man about today’s new morning routine.  A few of you asked me what the new morning routine is, so here it is, in a nutshell:

  1. Get Up
  2. Put on "sticker" (patch – his medicine is now contained in a patch delivery system rather than a pill/capsule)
  3. No Milk Before Breakfast (this is a change and we expected this to be the first fight today, because he customarily had a cup of milk waiting for him in the fridge first thing in the morning)
  4. Pick Out Clothes
  5. Get Dressed
  6. Use the Bathroom (he’s the one who insisted that this had to be in this order, even though it flies in the face of logic to have this after getting dressed and not before)
  7. Eat Breakfast / Have Milk (breakfast time is nearly always a fight in our house)
  8. Brush Teeth (I expected a fight here, too, since brushing teeth is always a fight in our house)
  9. Choice: TV / Read Books / Play Time
  10. Get Shoes On (Getting shoes on is nearly always a fight in our house, so we always leave it for last)
  11. Go by 8AM (this can vary, but our average is 8AM)

Astoundingly, none of the fights that we anticipated materialized. J didn’t actually eat his breakfast, and was dismayed later when I wouldn’t let him have it, but there were no tantrums, no arguments, no tears, and nothing but smooth transitions. Go figure. Somehow I get the feeling not every day will be this easy.  But for today?  I’ll take it.

Of course, one of the reasons today worked so well is I wasn’t planning on going in to the office, so I didn’t need to get myself ready, but it was still good to know that it CAN be done.

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