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Standing Up

Since I showed a video of Ellie, I should show you what Abby and Sam were up to while Ellie was busy practicing her elocution:

[sorry – I took the slideshow out because I couldn’t get it to edit the music out no matter what I did, and I was irritated that it auto-plays the slideshow every time I load my blog page, so I have to hear the blasted music every time. It’s annoying, so until I can fix it, the slideshow is gone. Suffice it to say, it was a slide show of Abby and Sam standing at the kitchen gate and it was very cute!]

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I’m tired of talking about ADHD, though I sitll have plenty to say. (We had a crappy day today, how about you?)

So how about my other kids? Hooray for Syllables! Ellie is becoming quite expressive. That’s Sam in the background chiming in, I believe.

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