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Okay, I think it’s seriously cool that I have a reader in Fiji.  FIJI! 

I don’t know WHY I think that’s any cooler than the fact that I have readers in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, Florida, California, Minnesota, Texas, or Norway, but I do think it’s nifty.  Hey, why don’t I have any readers in South America?

Actually, I also think it’s cool that I have a reader in Saskatchewan.  In fact, the reader in Saskatchewan got me thinking…  She’s 760km from her nearest IVF clinic, so should IUIs not work for her and should she need a referral to the IVF clinic, can you imagine that commute?  It makes me very grateful for the many advantages I have for living in a major metropolitan area, where I have at least five relatively major fertility clinics within a reasonable driving distance (some more convenient than others) and many other "minor" independent clinics.  If I extended my radius to 760km… I’m not sure I could count that high.  So, thank you, dear reader, for reminding me of my many blessings.  And best of luck to you on your next cycle.  I’m thinking of you and I hope you don’t mind me disclosing any of these details for all to read, however anonymously I did so. 

I think I’d like to visit Fiji some day.  I’d visit Australia if it weren’t for the giant spiders.  *shiver*  Does Fiji have giant spiders?  If so, I can’t go there.  Maybe New Zealand.  I like sheep.  Are there spiders in New Zealand?  I would think not.  Sheep are too warm and fuzzy to associate with spiders, don’t you think?

Come to think of it, I’m not much of a beach person, so why would I want to go to Fiji?  Maybe New Zealand is better.   Still, doesn’t Fiji sound relaxing?  I think I need to relax.

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