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Some Notes

  • I think I am getting mastitis again.  Ugh.  This would be episode number 4.
  • My doctor thinks I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder.  I’m pretty sure the shoe fits. This is ridiculous.  Before I had the babies, I never got my period, never ovulated.  Now I’m breastfeeding three babies.  THREE.  I should have a "get out of PMS free" card, and do I have one?  No.  Instead, I get PMS on crack.  She’d give me Sarafem, but isn’t overly keen on doing so while I’m nursing without buy-in from my pediatrician.  I’m not overly keen on talking to my pediatrician about this, and Seth’s minimal research on the subject has led me to suspect that I may be better off waiting the few months that are left until they’re not nursing anymore. I dunno.
  • J’s medication seems to be doing a brilliant job.  Brilliant.
  • The babies?  Still cute.
  • My family (including inlaws)?  Completely screwed up.
  • Too tired for a real post. 

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