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I talked to my nurse on Friday because there’s been a bit of confusion about whether I should roll into a new BCP pack after my last active pill (yesterday) or take a five day break and start a new BCP pack, which would delay things by three weeks. Sigh. Rolling into a new pack would mean that I could get the ball rolling on Lupron as soon as all the ducks are in a row. Any day now, in other words.

It seems SuperDoc is driving my nurse crazy these days, leaving cryptic messages in her email for her, telling her I can start Lupron now, forgetting that she needs to have certain things in place first, etc. She has to have the go ahead on the schedule for a date that I’m allowed to start stims, because if they end up not having room on their schedule for retrieval… well, we’re screwed, right? So just starting Lupron at will is not so easy. It’s not as simple as him saying, “Yeah, go ahead and start.” There’s a lot of work on her part in the background.

So anyway, finally she concluded that I should just roll into another BCP pack until we could sort all this out. As soon as she can get me a stim start date, she’ll get me a Lupron start date, and she’ll call in my drugs to the pharmacy. Since my copay is based on the prescription, not on each vial, she’ll make sure she calls in enough for the entire cycle, so that I won’t need refills, etc.

Therefore, probably sometime next week you can expect me to start bitching about headaches, hot flashes, fluid retention, and general pissiness. Good luck with that. If I were a good person, I wouldn’t bitch about any of that, I would simply be grateful for this opportunity to have another attempt at getting pregnant and bringing a life into this world. But I’m not a good person. I’ll probably do plenty of bitching.

Meanwhile, my consents have been notarized. Seth’s ID bloodwork has been done. Mine hasn’t, but I’ll hopefully take care of that on Monday. I haven’t gotten my HSG results faxed over to Ye Olde Fertility Clinic from The Hatchery yet, but I’ll get that done. I’m not sure exactly why I’m dragging my feet on that. There’s no logical explanation for it, other than I’m really swamped in the rest of my life and I haven’t gotten to it yet. Seriously, if you had ANY idea what else is going on in my life? You’d know there simply isn’t time to breathe, let alone deal with making just one more phone call.

Oh, um, as part of getting my HSG results faxed over from The Hatchery, that would involve letting The Hatchery know that I’m leaving them. My Dear John letter, so to speak. I’m not good at that sort of thing, even though this is ostensibly an insurance decision (except that I technically have BOTH insurances right now, so I could go either place). I feel awkward about the whole deal, because I do like The Hatchery, but something feels right about going back to YOFC (several of you even noted that I sounded content, even giddy, after seeing SuperDoc, and you know? I was!)… so it’s the right switch for me. And yet? Making that phone call? I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. (Remember that it’s a very small office – one doctor, one nurse coordinator, one secretary… it’s not like I can just call and talk to a random admistrative assistant who I won’t know me from anyone)

Anywhozit, I know that’s not much of an update. After all, I even entitled this post, “Not Much of an Update”… but that’s what I’ve got.

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