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Trigger Time

Today’s appointment was quite interesting. First of all, I had my old buddy, Dr. S. in monitoring. Also a medical student (maybe a resident? I’m unclear. Actually, she was introduced as Dr. So and So, so she must be a resident or fellow). I immediately gave him some crap about the lack of a mobile in Room 1 (I was in Room 4 today, but that’s not the point). He assured me he’s on it, and I told him that I swear if he doesn’t take care of it by the end of this cycle, I’m getting one myself, hanging it myself, and sending him the invoice and he said that he had no problem with that. 🙂

“Hey, do you want to be on television?”
“What? huh?”
“Seriously, do you want to be on television?”
“I hardly think I’m interesting enough to be on television.”
“Ohh, I wouldn’t say that! You’re not giving yourself enough credit here!” M (sonographer extraordinaire) chimed in.
“Seriously, I need someone who is doing an elective Single Embryo Transfer, and all the better if it’s someone with HOMs.”

So I made him a deal. I’d do his TV gig if he got a damn mobile in Room 1! I think it’s a pretty sweet dealio, myself! And he agreed, so we’re all set. Tomorrow, I’ll be interviewed by a news station. Neat, huh? So much for keeping a low profile, though! I probably will not be disclosing the location of my blog. 🙂

(Turns out what the deal is … is that they’ve been getting a lot of media requests since the octuplets were born to find out their stance on the whole thing. My clinic does a lot of eSETs… as far as I can figure, they do more than any other clinic in the area… and they’re really trying to push that angle. My nurse thinks it’s great because she’s hopeful it will help get insurance companies to cover IVF when they didn’t used to, etc. She has more faith than I do…)

Anyway, back to the appointment.

We’re focused on:
Right: 25.2 (probably past it’s prime), 19.1
Left: 19.3, 18.6

There are some smaller ones, but those are the ones we’re counting on. I have in my head an idea of how many we might get above and beyond those 3 or 4 (based on the measurements we saw today), but I don’t want to jinx it and I don’t want to go all crazy, so we’ll just go with 4 for now and be happy with anything above and beyond that. Trigger tonight. I don’t yet know what time. Retrieval Saturday. This is a logistical nightmare, but my nurse is trying to find the least painful way around this.

And that’s where things stand right now.

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