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Not great news this morning. When I was doing IUI I never could get a dominant follicle to grow at the right time. Now I’m doing IVF and I don’t want a dominant follicle and guess what I’ve got? Yep. That sucker is still growing and coming out on top. Lots of good medium ones, though, so maybe they’ll just let that one go. I didn’t like the looks of it and neither did the sonographer extraordinaire, M. No doctor in monitoring again today. I’m feeling the love, let me tell you.

Probably have to go back tomorrow, but will update more later when I hear from my nurse. But for now, not feeling the warm fuzzies.

Right: 17.0, 10.5, 8.1
Left: 12.5, 12.0, 10.9, 10.0, 7.7, 7.6

Yeah, not looking so hot. Possible they’ll just let that 17 go and hope the others take over. But the risk with any dominant follicle is that it’ll take over and suppress the others. Doesn’t seem to be happening so far, but who knows. I suppose anything goes at this point. I also don’t love the fact that I’m still not looking at a lot of follicles – considering my typical antral follicle counts, this is suprising (My typical antral follicle counts are in the thirties). I know it only takes one to work, but seriously, I have to have something to worry about, right?

Meanwhile, headaches still suck (possible sign that my estrogen is still in the crapper – typical for me), and my ovaries feel like they’re the size of baseballs, though from the looks of today’s monitoring that’s probably not the case.

Update: My estrogen level is 226 (not great, but good rise from Thursday when it was 99). Meds stay the same, back tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the only appointment time they had available meant canceling two meetings. Not good. Sigh.

I am not expecting great news tomorrow. Am hoping a doctor actually shows his or her face in monitoring, at least.

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