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You’ll be happy to know my husband and I have kissed and made up, so to speak. We’re all good. I no longer think he’s the devil, though he probably thinks I am. Meh.

In less happy news, these headaches are killers. They suck. Seriously. LJ’s right – Forget torture devices, Lupron should be used to get international spies to break.

Man this sucks.

7:45am appt. for monitoring tomorrow. My so-called “Lupron Evaluation.” This time to ensure that, for once, my ovaries are NOT perky. This will be a switch. Fun!

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New Blogs

I figure it's been long enough that I can go ahead and post here and let any stragglers know – my new blog is http://chezperky.typepad.com/ , so if you're still looking for me, that's where I've been posting for the last six months or so. I do still occasionally get an email asking me where I've gone to, and my statcounter hits for this blog are still pretty high considering how long it's been since I've posted.

The triplets are now 16 months old (as of tomorrow). J-man is now 5 years old. Shocking as it may seem, I'm now trying for a singleton. Crazy, I know. Email me for that URL.

Hope to hear from you!

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